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Our response to COVID-19

The AdaptX team has continued to provide support through various initiatives during COVID-19. 

3D Printing

Our initial collaboration with various prototyping and printing companies enabled the development of tools for frontline workers when the supply for masks and shields was low. Companies around the world worked to design new models that were consumer printable and effective against the virus. Further development enabled the creation of oxygen valves, PEEP masks, and ventilators. 


The AdaptX Range Fund enabled small local businesses to receive in-kind services from AdaptX. Services included website development, QR menu integration, online ordering and inventory, and remote NAS solutions for critical data-driven businesses that transitioned to remote work. The RANGE Fund also provided training to employees operating remotely and requiring IT support.

The Range Fund Program has ended. Existing business can access their funding through the AdaptX Dashboard.

POP Plan

The AdaptX POP plan was released to all existing AdaptX clients with an active contract in an effort to mitigate the operational costs for a period of 6 months. Through the plan, a "pause on payments" was granted to businesses seeking support during the pandemic and were directly impacted with a minimum revenue reduction of 30%. This plan was extended an additional 6 months to eligible businesses and was automatically applied to clients granted the initial 6-month plan.


In December of 2020, AdaptX introduced new COVID relaunch products for storefront businesses through the Alberta Government's relaunch plan. Companies relaunching are eligible for Alberta's Relaunch Grant which may be used to cover operational and inventory costs associated with the business. These products can be found and customized with the company branding as requested through the AdaptX Dashboard.